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Making Impact Accessible

Coming Summer 2024

reBlue uses emergent technologies to align veterans, humanitarians, and likeminded individuals with their communities- 

both local and global.

Our Pillars

reBlue, military jargon for "renew" or "refurbish", merges nascent Web3 technologies and a novel network design to create a transparent, purpose-driven, and decentralized community predicated on a commitment to service and social impact.

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Our Story

The roots of reBlue took hold in August 2021’s “Digital Dunkirk”, when tens of thousands of veterans and volunteers created an effective, decentralized humanitarian network following the collapse of Afghanistan. It has since stuck with us that one does not need a humanitarian or NGO background to have an impact on the world: just the right platform.

Our Programs

Web 3 and the blockchain are nascent technologies that have yet to be widely embraced. We believe that by offering tokenized investment opportunities of things that can be seen, touched, and which have an impact on someone's life, we can be innovators in the continuing development of decentralized finance. 


Asset Tokenization & Impact Investment

reBlue is the bridge between Web 3 and the real world. Our impact investment portfolio hinges on things you can see and touch, and which will make a difference in the world.

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Supporting Humanitarian Operations 

In recent crises, veterans and volunteers (like  our founders) have proven capable humanitarians. We are building upon that experience to make humanitarianism an open and accessible venture.


Empowering Veterans

 Today's veterans are a dynamic group, desiring a community beyond the  “dark, dank bars” of legacy veterans’ groups. We aim to create opportunities for veterans to find a renewed sense of purpose.


Adapting to Emergent Missions

 The world is a rapidly changing place, and a key tenet of reBlue is our capacity to keep pace from humanitarian crises, to charting new courses with impact-oriented tokenization.

The reBlue Protocol

As a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), our platform enables community members to hold fractional shares of projects aligned with our mission of social impact investment and development. The reBlue protocol is Layer 2 built on the open-source XDC Network, enabling a decentralized, hybrid, and liquid network. Our token doubles as our community governance mechanism, as it is used to vote on issues and engage in commercial transactions on our platform.

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